We always need financial support (monetary donations), food, gently-used clothing, diapers and un-opened personal care items.

Donate Now
  • We rely heavily on donations from individuals and businesses, as well as revenue from two annual fundraising events.  We are proud that less than 8 percent of donations go toward administrative costs, so 92 cents of every dollar goes directly to services and programs for low-income and disadvantaged families.
  • We can assist you in planning for your future and your legacy.  Through our association with Inland Northwest Community Foundation, you can make a contribution to Spokane Valley Partners’ Endowment Fund through your will.  Naming Spokane Valley Partners in your will has tax advantages and also ensures your assets provide support to a mission you believe in and want to support far into the future.  For answers to your questions about how to include Spokane Valley Partners in your will, contact Inland Northwest Community Foundation at 509.624.2606.
  • We love our volunteers.  We have volunteers that come to us from faith communities, service groups, schools and local businesses.  Some volunteers have been with us for decades; others help out occasionally on an as-needed basis.  We can accommodate the volunteering capacity and schedule of nearly anyone.
  • We need food, particularly proteins (tuna, peanut butter and lentils).